A global enterprise specializing in aligning culture with infrastructure and strategy.


Vector Group, Inc. identifies, prioritizes and solves business challenges. We bring perspectives from almost 40 years of practice across numerous industries on a global basis. We have a sterling history in transforming organizations by achieving strategic intent and delivering results.    We are leaders in organizational effectiveness.

Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment 

Despite this sluggish economy, the time is very right to get your organization ready for the recovery. Enlightened executives take action now to get their strategies, processes and people aligned and ready to compete.

Yes, although “assessment and diagnosis” sounds a bit like “going to the doctor,” it is about the same thing. Our strength lies in our enterprise-wide assessment and diagnostic capabilities. We began developing our methodologies in assessment over 30 years ago and we keep adapting our approaches to reflect current business realities in a constantly changing global marketplace. Why Vector Group?

Organizational Alignment / Strategic Alignment

As a global management consulting firm,  we identify and resolve priority business challenges for medium-to large-sized organizations across numerous industries. We specialize in aligning culture and infrastructure with business strategy achieving results. With our more than 30 year history, we enjoy a sterling international reputation for our work in bringing organizations to the top of their respective industries.

Cultural Due Diligence (CDD) and Post-Merger Integration

We resolve most “culture clash” challenges in the first 30 days following a merger/acquisition. We provide global thought leadership in cultural due diligence and post-merger/acquisition integration. We work with you to increase your capabilities in achieving post-merger success. Our intellectual property is expansive with tools, approaches and methodologies we willingly share with your organization.


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The book that started it all. Authored by Founding Partners J. Robert “Bob” Carleton and Claude S. Lineberry,  Achieving Post-Merger Success: A Stakeholder’s Guide to Cultural Due Diligence, Assessment, and Integration brings the reader groundbreaking critical elements necessary for successful mergers and acquisitions. With a planned revised edition incorporating an M&A Roadmap for Success, we offer even more powerful tools and approaches to take care of most “culture clash” issues in the first 30 – 60 days.

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Bob Carleton’s newest book, Implementation and Management of Performance Improvement Plans: Emphasizing Group and Organizational Interventions, One in the series of six books that HRD Press describes as a defining series in business management and performance from an exceptional team of leading management professionals and educators.


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Gary W. Craig and Claude S. Lineberry published Management Mirror: Helping Senior Management Teams See Their Own Reality to provide insight into executive teams. Read more