Organizational Diagnosis & Assessment

cultural due diligence Organizational Scan V3 1 - Organizational Diagnosis & Assessment


Despite the sluggish economy, the time is very right to prepare your organization for the recovery. Enlightened executives are taking action now to get their strategies, processes and people aligned and ready to compete.

Our strength lies in our enterprise-wide assessment and diagnostic capabilities. We began developing our methodologies in assessment over 30 years ago and we keep adapting our approaches to reflect current business realities in a constantly changing global marketplace.

We are not wedded to one way of doing things because one size does not fit all. Every organization is unique with unique needs and unique ways of doing things.

Let us show you a picture of your current business reality. We provide you with a detailed roadmap of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Process

Our Organizational Scan© considers the Organization, the People and the Work in relation to existing Conditions, Processes and Outputs within the External Environment. We develop probe questions in our investigation leading to a “photograph of the current business reality.” We conduct this analysis both systemically and systematically.

The Organizational Scan© examines the following domains in order to determine their characteristics, interaction, and alignment with the intended direction and strategic goals of the organization.