Large Scale Change

The one thing you can count on is change-it’s the most predictable and pervasive force in today’s business world. Vector Group, Inc. has several field-tested and proven models and processes to help you proactively lead change, rather than simply reacting when change is forced upon your organization.

We have a depth of experience across numerous industries successfully working with client organizations as large as 300,000 employees.


When the need for change is obvious but knowing what and how to change is not, our Participative Change model is the solution. This powerful tool involves management and staff fully in planning the change and making the transition.

Participative Change consists of a three-phase change process:

Prepare/Plan-Develop and communicate a vision and need for the change; establish a guiding coalition; plan the transition.

Implement/Transition-Work the transition plan; monitor progress and communicate progress; celebrate success.

Consolidate/Evaluate – Consolidate and institutionalize the change; measure results; fine-tune the change.

Key to leading change is gaining the commitment of the individual. Participative Change achieves individual buy-in by focusing primarily on the human side of change. We help people see the need, understand the vision and, most importantly, determine how the change will affect them personally. Once their sense of ownership in the process is heightened, people’s commitment to change becomes stronger.


Organizational change is not always a matter of choice. Vector Group’s Declarative Change model is utilized when the change is mandated by the organization’s leaders in response to competitive threat, market opportunity, regulation or some other external factor-and time is of the essence.

Under such severe time constraints, the organization finds itself unable to involve large numbers of people in the planning process – even though it is still required to make the change rapidly.

The Declarative Change process addresses this situation directly by relying on a solid, four-phase change process:

Announcement – Communicate to everyone in the organization what must change, when, and what’s driving the change.

Inquiry – Provide opportunity for everyone in the organization to ask questions about the change and its impact.

Clarification – Enhance clarity by responding to questions on the what, why and when of change, and its impact.

Action-Involve all individuals in the organization in determining how the required change can best be made in their business units, departments or teams.

The Participative and Declarative Change Processes have been successfully employed by many of our leading edge clients around the world. They will work for you.