Our Values

Four basic values shared by every Vector Group consultant serve to direct and guide the company. Any business opportunity is measured against them. They are:


Can we help? Do we have the expertise, resources and experience to help this client in this situation? Would this client be better served by others that we highly trust, value and could recommend?


Will this situation contribute to the growth and new learning for this client? Secondarily, can experiences learned in this client situation contribute to the body of knowledge within the field of human and organizational performance? Can we develop specific approaches based on the client’s unique situation that will move the organization forward? Can the client learn and gain valuable insight and experience throughout this work?


Will we enjoy working with this client in this situation and industry, with these people and in the required geographic locations? Is a partnering relationship possible with this client? (Partnering is defined as establishing mutual goals, maintaining openness and respect while assuming shared risk.) Is this client ready, willing and able to move forward with this commitment?


Will we make a fair return on our investment of time, energy, resources and effort? Can we deliver more than expected, exceed client expectations and be reasonably paid for our services?

Vector Group, Inc. is a values-led organization and we strive to live the following practices and model these behaviors in our work.