Strategic Intent

“Effective organizations are those which produce excellent results by any measure of costs, quality or efficiency while simultaneously enhancing the energy and commitment of organizational members to the success of the enterprise.”

William A. Pasmore

With Pasmore’s quotation as a starting point, what are you doing to ensure that your company is an effective organization? Are you doing the kinds of things that need to be done that will make your organization more successful? More profitable?

Vector Group, Inc. Principals are leaders in organizational effectiveness.

A simple truth. Any organization comprised of over seven individuals is by definition, dysfunctional. What we do is make your organization “just a little bit less dysfunctional” than the competition. That is your competitive edge.

Too many consulting firms only focus on strategy and business processes. Very few know much about the cultural or people side and fewer still know what to do about it. We bring a depth of experience in doing what is needed to create effective organizations. Read more about Strategic Alignment