Current Events:


J. Robert “Bob” Carleton and Gary W. Craig, of Vector Group, Inc presented Dealmakers: Heads in the Sand or Dealing Effectively with Culture Clash and other Human Capital Challenges? What a Dealmaker Needs to Know at the AM&AA Winter Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami on January 17. They also presented their Dealmakers’ Guide: The Ten Things a Dealmaker Needs to Know About Cultural Due Diligence. This provided Dealmakers answers to the very basic questions about human capital challenges during a merger or acquisition.



Gary W. Craig will moderate and co-present with Mark Walztoni and Cayce Colley at The Alliance for Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors (AM&AA) Summer Conference Chicago, IL July 19 – 21, 2017. Their panel presentation is on the topic of Increasing Deal Success: People Risks Impact Integration and Your ROI.


Gary W. Craig and J. Robert “Bob” Carleton presented Beating the Odds: Building a Deal-Maker’s Credibility by Ensuring a Quickly Successful Deal with Legs for the Longer-Term at the Alliance for Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors (AM&AA) Winter Conference in Las Vegas at the Bellagio in February this year.

The University of Denver, University College invited Gary Craig to again teach Organizational Culture and Organization Development Impacts Spring Quarter 2017.


Gary W. Craig co-designed with Trina Hoefling a new graduate course, Evaluate and Sustain Change, for the University of Denver, University College He will teach this course beginning January 3, 2017.

University College at University of Denver invited Gary Craig, Managing Partner of Vector Group, to serve on the Organization Development Advisory Board to design a new curriculum for a concentration in organization development. The Advisory Board begins its work March 2016.


Bob Carleton and Gary Craig are currently writing three books including:


Vector Group Principals,  J. Robert “Bob” Carleton and Gary W. Craig have been Certified by the International Due Diligence Association (IDDA) as Due Diligence Professionals.

The Certified Due Diligence Professional certification is the most prestigious level of Certification and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated their understanding of the basics of due diligence, and who have demonstrated proficiency in due diligence projects, programs and/or portfolios, either within their organization (s) where employed, or for their client organizations. The CDDP is designed for those who have worked or are currently working in due diligence.

Additionally, Bob Carleton and Gary Craig are working with the International Due Diligence Standards Organization (IDDSO) in developing international standards for due diligence related to organizational culture.

Alan Stevens of Vector-Consultants (UK, Europe and Middle East) has also been Certified as a Due Diligence Professional.


Vector Group, Inc. is proud to announce that J. Robert Carleton, Founding Partner and CEO, won the International Society for Performance Improvement’s prestigious Geary Rummler Award for the Advancement of Performance Improvement. He was recognized during THE Performance Improvement Conference commemorating the Society’s 50th anniversary in Toronto, April 20-23, 2012.

Vector Group, Inc. recommends ISPI’s THE Performance Improvement Conference in Toronto and invites our colleagues to attend.