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The Vector View: Mergers & Acquisitions Roadmap for Success

June 29th, 2015   •   Blog   •   no comments   

Internationally, the past performance of M&A activity results is quite poor. Multiple studies analyzing the last 30 to 50 years of M&A activity document a business success rate of less than 30%. One McKinsey study of 30 years of M&A activity concluded that 77% of acquisitions failed to meet their intended business objectives, over half […]

The Vector View on the Management Mirror©: Assessing Senior Executive Teams

June 18th, 2015   •   Blog   •   no comments   

Introduction Back in 1994, J. Robert “Bob” Carleton, one of the Founders of Vector Group, received a copy of an article in The Financial Times (London) from the head of British Airways WorldCargo titled “Top dogs bark up the wrong tree” by Christopher Lorenz. Lorenz reported on a study of senior team perceptions of themselves […]

The Vector View on Trust: How to Build and Maintain It (Part 2 – Reliability)

June 1st, 2015   •   Blog   •   no comments   

Here is Part 2 as promised. The previous Vector View on openness as it relates to trust should be reasonably clear. Without openness, trust is difficult to build and without reliability it is difficult to maintain trust. RELIABILITY “I know I can count on you.” Embodied in this statement is a major component of what […]