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As a global management consulting firm,  we identify and resolve priority business challenges for medium-to large-sized organizations across numerous industries. We specialize in aligning culture and infrastructure with business strategy achieving results. With our more than 30 year history, we enjoy a sterling international reputation for our work in bringing organizations to the top of their respective industries.


Vector Group specializes in aligning culture and infrastructure with business strategy.

Our  Strategic Alignment Model evolved from our research and work over the last 30 years. It was originally the Organizational Alignment Model conceptualized and published in 1986 by two of our principals in an earlier stage of Vector Group. Over the past 20+ years we have demonstrated over and over again the critical importance of bringing organizational culture in line with strategy which results in our newest thinking demonstrated by this revised schematic.

Too many consulting firms only focus on strategy and business processes. Very few know much about the cultural side and fewer still know what to do about it. We bring a depth of experience in doing what is needed to create effective organizations.

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