Organizational Assessment & Diagnosis:

cultural due diligence Organizational Scan V3 1 - Organizational Assessment & Diagnosis

Despite this economic downturn, the time is very right to be getting your organization ready for the recovery. Enlightened executives are taking action now to get their strategies, processes and people aligned and ready to compete.

Yes, although “assessment and diagnosis” sounds a bit like “going to the doctor,” it is about the same thing. Our strength lies in our enterprise-wide assessment and diagnostic capabilities. We began developing our methodologies in assessment over 30 years ago and we keep adapting our approaches to reflect current business realities in a constantly changing global marketplace. Why Vector Group?

Let us show you a picture of your current business reality. We provide you with a detailed road map of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Process

Our Organizational Scan© considers the Organization, the People and the Work in relation to existing Conditions, Processes and Outputs within the External Environment. We develop probe questions in our investigation leading to a “photograph of the current business reality.” We conduct this analysis both systemically and systematically.

The Organizational Scan process is the starting point for everything we do. It is a thorough diagnosis of your organizations component systems that allows us to examine the external environment, organizational strategy, culture, infrastructure and stakeholder expectations.

The Organizational Scan leads to the identification and prioritization of key business issues challenging your organization. It also provides specific recommendations on the most costeffective means to resolve them. The end result is a detailed road map of how to get from where you are to where you need to be.

Depending on the Organizational Scan’s recommendations, Vector Group can implement a wide range of interventions that are typically focused in four areas:



Depending on the need, the Organizational Scan can have an internal, external or combined focus.

The internal scan looks primarily at the organizational entity and the business context within which it operates.

The external scan focuses more heavily on constituencies
and factors outside the organization, such as customers,suppliers
, alliances and competitors.

The combined scan is basically a process of cultural due diligence, concentrating typically on two organizations involved in a merger, alliance or acquisition.