What are Vector Groups Core competencies?

Outstanding diagnostic capabilities. We provide compelling, systemic analysis of strategic understanding, operating infrastructure, and supporting culture.

Unequivocal and prioritized recommendations. We take diagnostic information and develop it into clean, compelling, unequivocal and prioritized recommendations that we can do or others can do. We also make referrals if we cant do the work ourselves.

Implementation as well as theory. We know how organizations act and understand the context of how to get things done quickly and overcome obstacles. We are not in an ivory tower, we roll up our shirtsleeves and get things done.

Transfer of Knowledge. We also ask, “How do we exit“? We build internal capabilities via transfer of knowledge and skills to the client. Our goal is to create independence.

We meet the customer where they are by being flexible and resilient in order to meet client needs. As circumstances change during our interventions (which they always do), we change our approach and program accordingly. We operate with heuristics vs. algorithms.That is, we think how we get there is as important as actually getting there. We change the way things need to be done to accommodate where the client is. We dont follow a set of rigid steps. We find people where they are and adjust our program accordingly.” We dont believe in packaged solutions.Each organization is different. one size does not fit all.Parts are not interchangeable. We don’t bring a 100% solution in from someplace else.

We apply solutions across industries based on a breadth of experience worldwide.

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