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Vector Group and the Airline Industry

We have a depth of experience working with a global airline, British Airways, and our history goes back to 1983 when the airline went from publicly held <by the crown> to privately held. Vector Group principals were involved from the earliest stages of transforming the airline from “Bloody Awful” and the least favored carrier across the Atlantic Ocean to “The World’s Favourite Airline.” The reality was that the airline moved from losing £200 in revenue every minute of every hour of every day (basically bankrupt) to making £400 a minute when it became The World’s Most Profitable Airline (ca. 1992)

We enjoyed a long-term relationship with British Airways dating back to 1983. From 1983-4 to 1998 we were involved in over 25 strategic initiatives across the entire airline (domestic and international) including work with top management across all functions and management, supervisors and staff specifically in cabin services, catering, engineering, flight crew, operations, IT, sales and cargo. A more detailed history of our involvement with British Airways is available upon request. Read on