Gary Craig to Present at AM&AA Summer Conference

June 1st, 2017   •   no comments   

Gary Craig is the moderator and co-presenter of a panel presentation of Increasing Deal Success: People Risks Impact Integration and Your ROI at the Alliance for Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors (AM&AA) Summer Conference to be held at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, July 19-21, 2017. His co-presenters include Cayce Colley, M.A. and Mark Walztoni.

When putting together a deal combining two or more organizations, cultural due diligence with both organizations is critical. All too often, the emphasis is on the financials and not on the people issues. Mergers and acquisitions fail upwards of 90% of the time due to human capital challenges but dealmakers seem to accept that as the cost of doing business. “Culture clash” is the culprit but dealmakers often deny that likelihood, hope that it would just go away or they just do not care. It doesn’t go away and the sad part is that it is totally preventable.  The panel details the importance of understanding and mitigating human capital risk while demystifying the concepts of culture and integration by describing alignment for the AM&AA audience.

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