About Us:

Vector Group, Inc., exists to identify, prioritize and solve organizational business challenges. We bring perspectives from almost 40 years of practice across numerous industries on a global basis. We are leaders in organizational effectiveness. <brochure>

Founded in 1985 by a group of highly talented individual consultants involved in transforming British Airways from a losing enterprise to “the world’s most profitable airline” in a relatively short time, our founding principals were pioneers at the forefront of creating, developing and enhancing the field of organizational performance. Lessons learned earlier in their careers helped to lay the ground breaking foundations for transforming organizations through changing human behavior. They were involved in the field for over 20 years even before it was its own discipline and gained acceptance and understanding by others. The approach that Vector Group always takes is to focus on the entire enterprise <systemic> and not just the pieces of the organizational puzzle.

Vector Group continues to provide global thought leadership in organizational assessment, alignment and culture particularly with cultural integration following mergers, acquisitions or alliances.

What are Vector Group’s Core competencies?

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