Why Vector Group?


Why hire Vector Group instead of other consulting firms?

What are Vector Groups principles and values?

WHAT we do is partnering and goal alignment. HOW we do it is based on:

What are Vector Group’s criteria for accepting clients?

(1) Is the client really serious about change? Are they committed to change?

(2) Can we help? Are we good at it or should someone else do it? We won’t do work that we can’t do in an excellent manner.

(3) Will we enjoy working with a client? As partners in their business? Will we have “fun” and learn?

(4) Can we be paid reasonable fees for our expertise, depth of experience, intellectual property and our unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations?

Bottom Line: Vector Group, Inc. is a premier, global, boutique consulting firm that is much more reasonably priced  than the Big 4. We have never turned down a client based on #4 above.