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Implementation and Management of Performance Improvement Plans: Emphasizing Group and Organizational Interventions

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J. Robert Carleton (Published 2010)

Here is an effective, step-by step plan for improving performance on a large-scale and getting the results and payoffs you desire. If you have a group, a group of groups or an entire organization that needs an intervention, you’ll find this book invaluable.

Implementation and Management of Performance Improvement Plans begins in the middle – in the implementation phase of performance improvement plans rather than the design or planning phases. This is because, according to the author, implementation is where something usually happens … or doesn’t.

Performance Improvement aimed at individual and groups is different. Here you’ll learn about common basic misconceptions and errors other leaders make when shifting focus from individual to group and how not to go down the same road. <read endorsement>

Achieving Post-Merger Success: A Stakeholder’s Guide to Cultural Due Diligence, Assessment, and Integration

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The “How-To” Guide for Assessing and Integrating Cultures that Will Create Successful Mergers and Acquisitions.

Daimler-Chrysler, AOL- Time Warner … every week or so it seems the business press features yet another report on the failure of a business merger or acquisition. Mergers & Acquisitions continue to explode in number and size and yet studies conclude that the vast majority of these mergers and acquisitions – up to seventy-five percent by some estimates – do not achieve their goals.

More than half of these failed deals are unsuccessful because of two fundamental problems: “Cultural clash” between the organizations involved and inadequate post-merger integration planning.

“The failure rate of mergers and acquisitions is unreasonable, unacceptable, and unnecessary,” say Claude S. Lineberry and Robert Carleton in this much-needed resource, which outlines their unique, proven, and practical process for increasing the success of mergers and acquisitions. Written for all those with a vested interest in the success of the deal-board of directors, executives, managers, employees, and shareholders-and based on years of research and real-world experience.

Achieving Post-Merger Success is a down-to-earth guide that gives stakeholders the tools they need to:

In addition to the fiscal and legal due diligence that is traditionally applied to M&As, the authors’ proven Cultural Due Diligence Model adds an invaluable element to the process by focusing proactively on corporate culture before the merger takes place. Lineberry and Carleton also outline their successful post-merger Cultural Integration and Alignment process detailing what to do after the deal is made. Step-by-step they explain what to do, in what sequence, and why. This process not only helps the organizations avoid culture clash and integration problems but focuses on bringing the best of both organizations to the newly formed enterprise.

Designed to be a hands-on resource, Achieving Post-Merger Success and the accompanying CD-ROM are filled with operational-level tools checklists, case studies, worksheets, and samples for simple reproduction or customization. <Read Book Endorsements>