Cultural Assessment


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Vector Group principals were pioneers in bringing theory about organizational culture to practical application just about 25 years ago. In the initial work at British Airways, many gifted consultants recognized the criticality of the culture in the big picture of organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Fortunately for Vector Group, those consultants formed a company based on that good work of those early days. Over the next several years, Vector Group principals developed models, approaches, tactics, tools, instruments, measurements and the lot for assessing cultures.

A bit of warning here. . . our bias has been and and always will be toward custom-designed and custom-implemented assessments and other interventions. Off-the-shelf instruments for assessing culture certainly can save some time and some money. Our contention, however, is that each culture in each organization is unique and to lump all cultures into some predictable model misses the critical nuances that are found within each organization.

Our Organizational Scan provides rich data from the organization. It is primarily a search grid that looks at many variables. It describes the current business reality and through a qualitative data gathering process, clearly describes the unique culture. We have a number of tools and proprietary processes that we use to fully describe any culture in any type of organization: <read more about cultural assessment: considerations, approaches and implications>

Vector Group continues to provide thought leadership around the concept of cultural assessment. Read Bob Carleton’s latest thinking on a new methodology.

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