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The Vector View on Trust: How to Build and Maintain It (Part 1 – Openness)

May 29th, 2015   •   Blog   •   no comments   

Recently, a number of group discussions on LinkedIn and blogs found elsewhere focused on the importance of trust within organizations, within teams, within work groups and within any work relationship. I thought it might be helpful to our readers to present the Vector View on trust as we describe it in work with our clients. […]

The Vector View on Issues-Based Team-Building®: How It Works

May 13th, 2015   •   Blog   •   no comments   

Having recently facilitated an Issues-Based Team-Building® (IBTB®) session with a client, I thought it an appropriate time to share with our Vector View readership how this process works. We successfully employed IBTB® in a number of client organizations across a wide variety of industries domestically and internationally. Instilling high performance standards in any organization is […]