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n J. Robert “Bob” Carleton, 2/1/1945 – 4/28/2019. Bob fought almost a three-year battle with cancer and endured chemo, radiation and hormonal therapies with his predictable sense of humor. His inevitable death was much sooner than all expected when he was visiting his daughter and grandchildren on Vancouver Island, BC, where coincidentally, Vector Group, Inc. […]

The VectorView on Why a Dealmaker Really Oughta Wanna Know About Cultural Due Diligence (CDD)

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On February 2nd, Vector Group Founding Partner Bob Carleton and I presented at the Association for Mergers & Acquisitions (AM&AA) Winter Conference on a topic of interest to Dealmakers in the middle market concerned with mergers and acquisitions. The title for our presentation was Beating the Odds: Building a Deal-Maker’s Credibility by Ensuring a Quickly […]

Gary Craig Presents at AM&AA Summer Conference in Chicago

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As a member of a panel, Managing Partner, Gary Craig, presented “Odds are your deal will fail: Tips to prevent ‘culture clash’ and organizational misalignment from destroying deal value” at the Alliance for Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) Summer Conference in Chicago. Other members included Chelsea Wood, Mark Walztoni and Brian Steffens, CM&AA who served as the moderator.

The Vector View on Encouraging Responsibility and Initiative (OR Creating an Empowered Workforce)

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On September 28, 2015, I wrote a blog about The Vector View on Empowerment: It Used to Be Such a Nice Little Word. In it I described the differences in our view of the use of the words “engagement” and “empowerment.” I provided a bit of history around the concept of empowerment and a bit on how it […]

The Vector View on the Partnership Between Internal and External Practitioners

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Vector Group_Working in Tandem_TheVectorView_blog A few years back two of us presented the topic of Working in Tandem: The Partnership Between Internal and External Practitioners at the International Conference and Exposition (ICE) for the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD now ATD). We saw a need then to more fully describe the relationship between […]

The Vector View on Collective Incompetence: The Real Truth About Organizations

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Why do business executives accept mediocre performance and ignore the telltale signs of collective dysfunction (incompetence) within their own organization? There are too many in the business community including those in management and those working from the outside as consultants who wear blinders restricting their view to only individual or small group performance. This goes […]

The Vector View on 2016: Is This the Year of Management and Leadership Development?

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Vector Group_Leadership from Neanderthal to Dilbert_GCraig_LinkedIn From our observation leadership and management development seems to be trending so far in 2016. We hear of a number of inquiries regarding the topic and we make our best guesses as far as what might be driving this need. We can look at the economy, the price of […]

A(nother) New Year, A(nother) New Commitment, A(nother) New (Vector) View Ahead: Welcome to 2016!

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Now that the “silly season” is over (Thanksgiving to somewhere around the middle of January), we can all get back to business and do some good work in the New Year. Last year about this time, I shared with you that “After much soul searching and consternation, Vector Group Principals agreed to commit to some […]

The Vector View on “Culture Clash:” Another Way of Describing Management Negligence

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In our Vector View, organizational “culture clash” is completely avoidable. Our experience shows there are no two (or more) organizational cultures that cannot be successfully integrated. In other words, failure due to culture clash is just another way of describing “management negligence.” The only caveat to our unwavering position is that success is achievable as […]

The Vector View on Empowerment: It Used to Be Such a Nice Little Word

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I recently saw an article referenced on LinkedIn disparaging the use of the word “engagement” and advocating the concept of “empowerment.” I couldn’t help but smile as I read the article authored by “a management consultant and former IT executive.” It reminded me of a strategic initiative Vector Group was involved with for British Airways […]