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Note: Italicized items are variable in length and content depending upon the current organizational situation.

  1. Review business plan and overall organizational Strategic Intent.
  2. Achieve ringing clarity from CEO to on plan/organizational intent – and then solicit CEO views of what is working and what is not and ascertain what measures, if any, are utilized.
  3. Complete an Organizational Scan.
  4. Review results with CEO and plan meeting with executive group.
  5. Issues-Based Team Building (one or more sessions of one or more days each) minimum output is clarity and agreement on strategy/business intent and development of set of organizational values to support the business plan.
  6. All managers session. Minimum output is clarity on Strategy, Intent, and Values and an articulation of necessary Management Practices to implement the strategy/intent. (Create Action Learning Teams to investigate and resolve Infrastructure Issues, if necessary). 
  7. Feedback based session for managers to develop individual action plans. (Follow up sessions as necessary)
  8. All staff sessions. Minimum output is clarity on strategy, intent, understanding of management activity around infrastructure. and feedback, and solicitation of their ideas suggestions. (Followup sessions as necessary.)

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