Firmly established as a force for organizational change, a well-designed 360° multi-rater, feedback program is a powerful developmental tool for leaders and managers. Vector Group, through our alliance partner Vector Data Services, employs leading-edge, Web-enabled 360° Feedback as a major component of our Executive, Leadership and Management Development programs.

Vector Group has been working with 360° Feedback extensively over the last 20 years in the development of thousands of managers around the world. Prudential Assurance, British Airways, W.R Grace and other leading companies have benefited from our 360° Feedback-based development programs.


In short, we do it right. Vector Group works with our clients’ senior management to develop the leadership and management practices that become 360° survey items; at times, involving all managers in the process.

The result is a customized 360° survey, unique to the client organization, and directly relevant to current business needs. No off-the-shelf survey instrument can provide that.

Our “best practices” bank, consisting of hundreds of leadership and management practices from high-performing companies, is a valuable resource in generating a customized 360° survey.


Vector Data Services takes over administration of the survey and processing of the individual feedback reports. These activities can be partially or entirely Web-based and paperless, taking all the administrative hassle out of the process – not to mention holding down the cost. Feedback reports are available in a variety of formats, depending upon client preference. Check out a sample survey and report formats by visiting Vector Data Services.

In Vector Group’s 360°-based developmental programs, individual clarification and coaching on the feedback are provided to help each manager create a focused developmental agenda. Follow-up individual coaching is provided at periodic program re-connect meetings; 360° re-surveys are typically done at six-month intervals.

Perhaps you have been reluctant to use this powerful developmental tool because of administrative, security or cost concerns, or simply hesitant to use a generic off-the-shelf instrument. If so, talk to us about building

a leading-edge, customized and hassle-free 360° Feedback program for your company.

About Vector Data Services (VDS)

VDS assists organizations by performing every aspect of the planning, design, data gathering, treatment and interpretation requirements related to leadership development, customer satisfaction, organizational and cultural assessments and employee performance evaluation. VDS works directly with corporate clients as well as consultants seeking to enhance their capabilities in these specialized areas.

Vector Data Services, Inc. offers a wide range of traditional and brand-name survey products and services, and can administer surveys via the Internet or through traditional paper and fax methods. VDS can completely manage projects from the development of the survey instrument to verifying the statistical significance of the data through factor analysis. Our clients determine our level of involvement. VDS works closely with clients to ensure that the surveys they use bring the results they want.

Vector Group does it right!